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About First & Only Retail

About Us

First and Only Airsoft have been providing the next level of Airsoft experiences in the UK for the past six years from our sites spread all over the UK.

The company was started by a small group of enthusiasts from a woodland base in Matlock (Derbyshire dales) and has since grown to include an ever-increasing number of permanent sites spread all over the UK. Not only do we provide weekly games at these locations, but we also hire other sites throughout the UK for large scale events which last for a day, a whole weekend or even longer at times.

We now consider ourselves the premier UK Airsoft site operators and aim to continue with our aims of providing players with the best and most varied airsoft experience in the UK.

First and Only specialise in Airsoft combat games run at our numerous locations around the UK. Whether its a fun run-around shooting your mates or a full on military experience, First and Only can provide it all.

About First & Only RetailWe pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of play environments: from our carefully selected woodland sites offering dense woodland combat (with plenty of scope to sneak around either by yourself or with a full fire team in support) to our superb urban environments which give you the chance to experience the thrill of running down corridors not knowing if the enemy is round the next corner.

First and Only can provide you with all the equipment and training needed to fully immerse yourself in the action.

The Bunker - Manchester

 The Bunker is located in the First and Only retail shop in Swinton. The site can be used for a shooting range and also extreme CQB with the help of movable walls to create numerous different types of game scenarios that can help test, improve and take your airsoft gameplay to another level.

MONDAY CLOSED until Further Notice

12.30 – 18:00 (SHOP+ Gundoctor Dropoff)




2.30 – 19:00 (SHOP)
11:00 – 19:00 (Gun Doctor)
19.30 – 22.30 FIGHT NIGHT
Bunker Rules and prices can be found here 


12.30 – 18:00 (SHOP)
12.30 – 18:00 (Gun Doctor)


12.30 – 18:00 (SHOP)
11:00 – 16:00 (Gun Doctor)
Good friday (Sunday hours NO Tech Shop) 


CLOSED (Skirmish Site Shop)

SUNDAY 10:00 – 16:00 (SHOP) 

(Popular - book in advanced 0161 727 8863)

Bunker Rules and prices can be found here

 Note: Repair/Upgrade jobs can be handed in and picked up any time, the Tech shop is there if you want to speak to the Techician himself.

  First and Only Airsoft Sites


The Bunker


The Bunker is a situated at the headquarters of First and Only Airsoft at our working base in Swinton Manchester. Every Wednesday and Sunday we move all the vehicles out of our warehouse and set up blow up walls and tents creating a small but a fast and intense battle ground with very close combat situations. Each event only houses 12-14 players at any one time slot so it is important for you to book in advanced (0161 727 8863 during opening hours). All guns here are to be rated a 1 joules muzzle velocity on 0.2g bb with single fire only rule in play. The battle ground is not ideal for new players as it is very fast and hurts a lot more than most of the other sites. The games here are very fast and snappy, great way to keep fit. 

Anzio Camp


Anzio Camp is a huge disused M.O.D. barracks and training facility encompassing a massive amount of buildings. This site isperfect for everyone from first time players to airsoft veterans as the site and scenarios cater for all types of gameplay. The site's buildings range from small stores to two story accommodation blocks, areasof the site include road networks, mixed woodland, an assault course and firing range. All areas of the site are in play and accessible providing true FIBUA combat for FAO's scenario based game days.

Crossfire Woods

Crossfire woodland is situated in the Fyld area. in between Blackpool and Preston. Only 10minutes from the motorway.We ave added to the already amazing natural features with very different style bases. The play style will be very challenging and your're sure to get enemy engagement very quickly on each mission.


The Mill CQB

The Mill CQB is the largest prupose bulit airsoft site of its kind in the UK. Giving Players an amazing evnivonment to test out their airsoft skills playing over four floors and with ever changing layout  no two visits will be the same. This site is perfect for everyone from first time players to airsoft veterans as our sites and scenarios cater for all types of play.


Stealth Woods - Otley


Stealth Woods is First and Only's second woodland site in Yorkshire, it offers some of the best game play and if you think you have done it all then think again. Set in over 80 acres of ever changing woodland this site has a bit of everything for every player from dense woodland for sneaking through to open hilltops the perfect place to set up an unbeatable defence.


The Armoury - Wrexham

Previously used as a munitions factory, the Armoury is a very unique and historically important site that we have been lucky enough to have access to and one that is ideal to the purpose of airsoft war. The site consists of 65 acres of buildings, woodland, scrub and river. A road network, buildings & structures, pill boxes, tunnels and bunker type emplacements all can be found around the site.


Shell Shock Woods - Bridgenorth

Shell Shock Woods is a site located in the country side outside of Bridgenorth. This woodland site sits on a slight hill nad stretches off down into the valley. The woods are fairly thick but with plenty of open areas within the woods itself.


The Outpost - Kidderminster

The Drakelow Tunnels are a former underground military complex beneath the Kingsford Country Park near the village of Kinver. This Fantastic site is dark, cool and with a network of tunnels, you could even drive a truck down, perfect for those pitch black CQB missions to test your skills. The site is single shot only, therefore RIF's that are incapable of firing on single shot will not be allowed in game.

The Jungle - Harbury

A Woodland environment to test your skills, can you take the enimies flank or a full on attack.


The Base CQC - Yatesbury

RAF Yatesbury was an RAF barracks and training facility, the site has lots of buildings and over grown areas, suiting players who like to get up close and personal.