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  • Escrow Section Now Online

    What is an Escrow? 
    These are items which are sold through First and Only Retail  on behalf of other people. Items sold this way are not covered by First and Only retail and therefore are sold as seen items. We recommend that all Items sold this way are to be checked before buying and that these are collect at store only items. First and Only Retail will take no responsiblity of the gun once the gun has left the premises. We could deliver the item but the same rules will apply. 

    Can I Sell my Items as Escrow? 
    Yes you can, we will take 20% commission off whatever price we sold it at for you as a service charge. I suggest you give us a max price and lowest price with commission so we know what to price it at. Remember these items are sold on your behalf so the more information we have on your item, (this includes what it comes with, what upgrades it has had, if it needs repairing what is required,) the better we can inform the buyer. If you want it delivered to us, you could use our delivery service for a £10 charge. 

    Can i have the Escrow item Two toned or delivered?
    Generally the answer is no. The item is sold as seen, if it is two toned and it stops working, we do not want to be responisible. For a similar reason we would like you to inspect the item before it leaves the shop. If we was to deliver it to you before you have inspected and you was not happy about the item, there would be nothing we can do for you, because of which we do prefer you to come in and check the weapon before leaving the shop with it. Remember we do have a range, spare batteries and ammo for test firing though a deposit has to be placed before this happens.

    Can I get these weapons without a defence?
    If you do not have a defence we cannot sell you these items unless the weapon is already in Two tone and the buyer is over the age of 18 Or the item does not require a defence. 

    Can I buy a escrow item, get it serviced and then get it delivered?
    Yes but service and postage is extra but this does not guarantee the item, only the parts installed. Please contact Dan on 01617278863 and discuss cost, delivery is a fixed £10 for all weapons.

    Why does the webshop allow me to pay for the item if it is a collect only item and no sale is made until I agree on taking it?
    The way the webshop works is that it will hold the funds until we accept the payment. If we cancelled the order, Paypal releases the funds back to you. We use this system for you to reserve the item online so it doesn't get sold while you travel to the Swinton Store  (M27 9HF) . All Items reserved this way will be held for 48hrs before the order is automatically cancelled. 

    Any further question can be answered by calling 0161 727 8863 during our opening hours.

  • Miliatary fair 2015

    Military Fair 2015

    Bank Holiday Monday 28th Dec 2015

      £20 a table if you have lots to sell (Prebook)

      20% commission on all items sold by us on your behalf ( Prebook)

      Hot food and Drinks Stall available.

      Bring your 8year+ Kids along and test your skills in our laser tag arena suited up with inflatable battle walls.

      Retail will have a Second hand stand as well as Military fair event only Bargains like Nuprol Green Gas only £10 each. See our Facebook page for more sneaky previews of the upcoming event.

      More to come. Keep in touch

  • Incoming 2015

    Welcome 2015 and here is what to expect from First and Only this coming year:

    The Military Fair will have 1 or 2 days planned sometime this year, ensure you contact Jamie Forrest if you are interesting in putting your own stall in the upcoming events.
    07786 075 129

    Blueforce and BlackHawk products are available to order even beyond the products of our webshop, for the full inventory, please contact Dan on 0161 727 8863 during our opening hours.

    Saying that Dan can probably get the item you wish to get even if you do not see it in our stall, Contact Dan and see what he can do for you.

    Our Postage have been adjusted  and further adjustments will be made in the near future ensuring you get the best package from us without hassle. Currenly £3.00 for light, £6.00 for Standard and £9.00 for Bulky Items. As it stands we still cannot post explosives or lipo batteries.

    Our service centre is adapted so you can get your products fix within the week where ever possible* we can send a courier to pick up your package or send your repair back to you for £8.50 either way. with the exception of postage time and awating parts, the service centre will ensure you have a working gun on your next skrimish.

    Our shooting range can been booked for a hour at a time but this the opening of the range can only be guaranteed during Thursdays and Sundays currently Please ensure you contact us and prebook as the range is usually a workshop when not in use and may take a while to prep.

    Saturdays is usually closed due to the lack of staffing as the staff is on sites throughout the UK. There is plans to change this, watch this space.

    Lazer tag is new to First and Only and will cater anyone formt he age of 7. Please contact Tracy for Details on 0161 727 8863. These are party booked only.

  • Our 25m Range

    Our 25m Range is available for hire at the retail shop.
    Details and location, please click here.
    Price list:
    £5 per hour per person.
    £10 hire of G36c with 3000bb (one charge of battery).
    10 pence for each A4 Paper Target.
    £1 for 15 paper targets.
    £5 for fresh battery for hire of gun

    Our warehouse houses a 20m-30m range ideal for setting up sights and hop ups of your RIF before a skrimish day. The targets are flexable and fluid so you can move them in to any postion you wish. The warehouse also houses a set of inflatable walls which can be set up for CQB training timed trials, (This does require advance notice and the price is from £25 per hour). The range is available for anyone over the age of 11, anyone under 16 must be accompanied by adult. Though the range can be set up there and then, please ensure you call 0161 727 8863 and prebook a space at least 1 hour before coming down to avoid disappointment.
    Free Parking
    Adjustable free standing targets
    Different height shooting stands
    Tables for gun Maintenence
    Having fun with your friends and family
    Safety is always first
    Airsoft RIFs only
    Respect other range users
    Eye protection must be worn at all times
    Do not shoot at anyone
    Leave the range tidy after you
    Do not shoot any trailers, vehicles or lights unless otherwise told you can.
    Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
    No pyro or BFGs allowed
    Range users must be 11 years or over.

    First and Only Retail reserves the right to refuse the usages of the range for any reason.

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