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Order Hotline : 0161 727 8863




Available Every Wednesday night, but also Thursdays nights can be booked for private events
Sunday is every fortinight.
Please book your visit by calling 0161 727 8863 or just call us for more information. Only 12 spaces per skirmish day and 6 spacess fior range shooting so please book early.
The first 2 hours on Wednesday and Sunday will be range time where you can set up your weaponary ready for the real skirmish.
Opening Hours
Wednesday : 5pm- 7pm for range time only
Wednesday : 7.30pm - 10.30pm Special event or Skirmish

Sundays every fortinight after Manchester Woodland: 10-12am for range time only
Sundays every fortinight after Manchester Woodland: 1pm-4pm t(Fight night) skirmish


Details and location, please click here.


Price list:


  • £5 per hour per person, £10 for 3 hour for members.
  • hire of G36c is £5 for the event, Must use suggested bbs (bbs are extra)
  • £6 hire for Hi capa pistol (Gas and bbs are extra | for 3 hours hire time).
  • £7.99 for 3000 bbs, £14.99 for 6000bbs.
  • £12 for a bottle green gas, £30 for 3 bottles of green gas.




Our warehouse houses a 20m-25m range ideal for setting up sights and hop ups of your RIF before a skirmish day. The targets are flexible and fluid so you can move them in to any position you wish. The warehouse also houses a set of inflatable walls which can be set up for CQB training timed trials, The range (Target shooting) is available for anyone over the age of 11, anyone under 16 must be accompanied by adult, 3 on 3 battles require the minimal age of 16. Though the range can be set up there and then, please ensure you call 0161 727 8863 and prebook a space at least 1 hour before coming down to avoid disappointment.




  • Free Parking
  • Adjustable free standing targets
  • Different height shooting stands
  • Tables for gun Maintenence
  • Inflatable battle walls
  • Having fun with your friends and family




  • The possession or influence of Drugs or Alcohol is fobbidden and anyone caught will be removed from the event.
  • Eye Protection - Eye protection must be worn at all times.
  • BB guns must only be loaded in the bunker area not the ready room or the shop.
  • All guns must be chronographed under 350fps for battle and 500fps for all other events
  • Pyro used must be Mk4 TLSFX or less, Primers are to be 0.22 calibre or less - See marshall for more information
  • "CEASE FIRE" this is an emergency call, please ensure all weapons are put down and away from you.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated
  • The rules and insurance waiver must be signed before entering the bunker.
  • Single fire only during the venue events
  • Play by the rules given, and when hit, make sure you are clearly visable and audible that you are hit.
  • Knife kills count - See member of staff if unsure
  • surrender kills do not have to be taken - See member of staff if unsure
  • Overkill will not be tolerated.
  • No Blind Firing (Must be able to see both rear and front sight of the gun)
  • No Weapons are to be aimed at anyone 


First and Only Retail reserves the right to refuse the usages of the range for any reason.